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Let's Talk About Hospice

              4 sessions:
September 21st, 11:30 AM
October 26th, 11:30 AM
November 30, 11:30 AM
December 21, 11:30 AM

Join us to learn about hospice and add your voice to our discussion.  Learn what hospice is, and what it isn't.  We will debunk the myths of hospice, share hospice stories, and answer your questions.

Hosted by Kim Crabill & Kimberly Mann, HSM's Community Liaisons

Fernando Moreno, M.D.
HSM Medical Director

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia: How Hospice Helps

 October 5th, 11:30 AM

Dr. Moreno will present a brief overview of dementia (including Alzheimer's) and will discuss the variable progression of these diseases. You will learn when hospice should be considered, what the Medicare eligibility guidelines are, and how hospice can help the patient and caregivers.

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